Kitties! Moobies!

 A live-action-ish Aristocats movie should make BANK.

Here's why -- people love cat videos. Everyone likes kitties doin' stuff. But unlike dogs, cats are near-impossible to train for the camera. That's why they are disproportionately not in many pet movies.

Now that you can make realistic kitties in CGI, though, sky's the limit. We all agree kitten Simba was the best thing in the Lion King remake, right?

I've no idea what ?uestlove will or won't bring to it. I hope his music background means the songs stay, as they're among the most underrated in the Disney canon. I'd like to see Jeremy Irons as Edgar the butler. 

But if the kittens are cute, this is a slamdunk. Especially at home, where supposed tough guys can watch in secret.