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Kitties! Moobies!

 A live-action-ish Aristocats movie should make BANK.

LYT Review Round-up 3-18-23

 Here's what I have at other sites this week:

Why I Don't Review for Free

 You want me to WHAT?

Challenging Film Poll

 Name ten actors, living or dead, whose screen presence you enjoy despite the fact that in real life, they would hate you or you would hate them.

The Last of Us on HBO Quick Spoiler Thoughts

 I have a friend who is so libertarian he has flat-out expressed the thought that if there's a zombie apocalypse...

I Hate Betting on Oscar Predictions

 Just had to say that. I'd much rather root for my favorites, and be pleasantly surprised when Avatar wins everything, rather than pissed off because I bet on other things. ( Avatar isn't going to win everything. But it's not like it needs to. Who's going to say, "Man, I wasn't going to go see Avatar , but fuck me, now that it has an Oscar, maybe that will supersede my inherent disinterest in a sequel to a movie I didn't like!") To be clear, the fellow in that parenthetical is a strawman and not me. Also, there is no further text below the jump. Happy Oscars!

Blanching at Ranch

  I'm not inherently opposed to savory ice cream...

Every Best Picture Nominee as a Wrestling Gimmick

Let's have some fun...

So Why Not Medium, Substack, or Patreon?

 Because sometimes I want to post things that are only a sentence or two, and I think that would feel like a real cheat on those other places. Maybe I'm wrong and will change my mind. For now, you get this. Free.

If I Had to Vote for Best Picture, Ranked...

 1 -Avatar: The Way of Water

Southern Man Does Need That Around, Anyhow

  Crispin Semmens

The Oscars, Retroactively Reviewed in Advance

  My good friend Ben has been to the future and already watched the Oscars . You should read his "recap," cowritten with Nick Bhasin.