LYT Review Round-up 3-18-23

 Here's what I have at other sites this week:

BAD ROMANCE review at Cinegods:

"[Writer-director Chad] Hamilton clearly finds all this stuff amusing, and humor is relative. But true comedy, in the classical sense, is about seeing mutual mortal foibles. Rob is like an apolitical Qanon supporter – he’s really driven by some ludicrous ideas, doesn’t (and won’t) know what he doesn’t know, and can’t be reached or even toned down by smarter folks; when new information actually does reach him, he claims he always knew it. In a world currently being ruined by similar mentalities, it’s hard to feel for that."

SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS review at Superhero Hype:

"When it comes to the tone that DC films need, David F. Sandberg just might be the master. Between the extremes of the bombastic Zack Snyder and the dirty joke-minded James Gunn, Sandberg understands the balance between family friendly and just-scary-enough as well as any filmmaker since young Steven Spielberg. It’s what made the first Shazam! such an underrated gem, and the most charming entry in the soon-to-expire DCEU. The good news is that he maintains that vibe for the sequel, Fury of the GodsThe bad news is the story gets away from him this time."


"NECA‘s Gremlins are a bit like Malibu Stacy for creature fans, though they tend to include a lot more than a new hat. Especially when it comes to figures from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, there are a lot of color patterns to choose from, as well as dress-up accessories. Seriously, it’s amusing to think that these are essentially dress-up dolls — but monsters. For figures based on the first Gremlins film, they mostly looked all the same save Stripe, with his distinctive hair. For the sequel-based figures, like these Tattoo Gremlins, they do use the same base body, but the paint and deco gets pretty wildly different."