The Last of Us on HBO Quick Spoiler Thoughts

 I have a friend who is so libertarian he has flat-out expressed the thought that if there's a zombie apocalypse...

...and somebody comes up with the cure for zombies, government should not be able to compel that person to share it with the world. This is my fundamental issue with libertarianism -- it never considers the greater good, and we must if we're to survive.

But it was nifty to see The Last of Us actually execute that thought. And make it clear that it's not a heroic one, though my friend would certainly think Joel did nothing wrong. It's also very timely, in a real world where nobody even wants minor inconveniences in order to stop a pandemic still killing the vulnerable.

Strictly from an action movie perspective, however, I think it's cool that Joel doesn't hesitate to shoot in ways that would allow his enemies to overpower him. All too often I see characters in action scenes stupidly hesitate in a way that allows the bad guys to get their licks in. Joel doesn't fuck around. Which makes the parts where he's in actual jeopardy more legit.