The Oscars, Retroactively Reviewed in Advance


My good friend Ben has been to the future and already watched the Oscars. You should read his "recap," cowritten with Nick Bhasin.

AMPAS Board of Governors President Janet Yang truly put #OscarsSoWhite in the rear view mirror when she took the stage to introduce what she said would be a “transparent, honest update as to where we are in our journey”. Then iconic trio Kevin, Bob, and Stuart –- the Minions –- shuffled out and seemed to begin to try to lay out some details, in unfortunately un-subtitled Minionese. After a bit involving the teleprompter breaking, Bob tried to distract Stuart with a pineapple, while Kevin realised he was accidentally wearing his underwear on the outside of his tuxedo. In the audience, Sean Penn howled with laughter, and racism in Hollywood was solved for another year.

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