Where Are the Actual Articles About Female Nerd Topics?


Consolidating some thoughts...

At Comic-Con last year, the hardest exclusives to get were Squishmallows. Never heard of them? They're gumdrop-shaped plushes with smiley faces, and can represent animals, sentient foods, or aliens/cryptozoology. (Not unlike Chuck Tingle books) I managed to get one of the four available from their parent company Jazwares; other vendors had exclusive editions that you could not even approach unless you'd won a previous lottery somehow. My house is full of these because my wife geeks out over them. But aside from the two that are Pokemon crossovers, no toy sites are writing about them.

My wife also collects Lisa Frank designed handbags. Any time we go out, if service people her age are around, they always compliment her and gush about what Lisa Frank fans they are. I had never heard of Lisa Frank before meeting Julia, but apparently millennial girls fangirled out about her designs for years.

Who's writing about this?

Voice Media, years back, tried to start a nerd-girl blog called Heartless Doll, as a companion to Topless Robot. It didn't last, I think in part because traffic suggested girls would read boy-nerd sites, but not vice versa.

But why aren't there any sites where people can read about these fandoms? Or Barbies, even? Non-niche sites, I mean. Bigger sites that aggregate all these supposedly girly fandoms. Female skewing "nerd sites" that I see tend to fall into one of two categories: women writers discussing fandoms that used to be thought of as male-skewed, and sites full of editorials about how everything is problematic. There is so much more space there to be covered, it seems to me. And maybe they exist and I'm missing them all.

Or maybe there's an opportunity for the right person.