The Fire Burns


Celebrating ten years.

For my ten-year wedding anniversary, I wrote alternate lyrics to Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire," which I sang in person with my best man Matt King on pre-recorded duet.

Here they are:

Butcher cleaver to the chest, indie acting is the best
Chapman Uni, Orange County, let's get outta there
Hello Kitty, little hats, He-Man and ThunderCats
Shabu Shabu, Spicy tuna, Valentine's Day

Hollywood, Burbank, Toluca Lake in the drank
Stacy, for therapy, proposal for eternity
Geek chic daily, Nerdist, Topless Robot daily list
Toby Kitty, new adoption, best exclusive, Cat Con

They'll never stop our marriage
It was always fated, since the day we dated
We'll never end our marriage
Though there's lots of fartin', there'll be no departin'

Shameless, Scream Queens, Divos star, Peter Berg zombie-scarred
Strand-up joking, improv-taking, actress supreme
Press Club, Wizard World, Comic-Con, cat's hurled
Brighter writer works hard, can you see a theme?

Move out, Van Nuys, Joshua Tree's very nice
Sylva, Asheville, meeting Nan, Pounding Mill, Disneyland
Vegas, Mexico, Circus Circus, Let's go!
Travelling far, in our car, marching songs from the bar

We'll always be together
Two creative talents with a work-life balance
We'll be true loves forever
From the rural setting to the coin-op betting

Obama, Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Fox TV
Sherriff, Arpaio, racist crap, got to go
Wrestling, pay-per view, Vince and AEW
Ass-kissing screener list, Helen Mirren wasn't pissed

Orange bad man, Trump crimes, stupid Elon Musk and Grimes
Zuckerberg, TikTok, phones on around the clock
Martha, appraisal best, study up and take the test
Covid-19, plague fear, 2020 the worst year

We didn't crack through lockdown
We got even closer, we were vaccine dosers
We bonded more through lockldown
Though it brought more bilsl it gave us better skills

Decade long, we've stayed, never ran, never strayed
Thompson, Boyd team, marriage works like a dream
Squishmallows invade our home, dinosaur eats garden gnomes
4K, TV, Drag Race, House Prairie
movies, legacy, raised to think freely
James and John! Now they're gone! But their values still live on!

Never forget the fathers

They knew war and teaching, never trusted preaching

Those were the greatest fathers

Both were baby boomers, and they went too sooner

Luke Y. loves Julia Boyd, even if he acts annoyed
Julia, through pain, would probably say the same
Screw the haters, Rachel's gone, Loyalty is #1
narcissists better flee, we've got too much good to see

Decade marriage, very good, record for Hollywood
But there's more, years in store, Hope to make at least three score
Union of two beating hearts, This whole time was just the start
Collaborators, making art, loving till death do us part!

We'll always be together
We're the bestest pairing, in the time we're sharing
We'll always be together
Even when we're gone
the spark lives on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on