The Wonder


Because I'm frappy...

When I was a kid, green tea ice cream was like an urban legend. Chinese food was not something I had a lot, and it's very different in Ireland than the U.S. And dessert, you could forget about. The menu usually had like three dessert options, and they were always something like lychee or rambutan, probably from a can, that they'd always be sold out of.

But you'd hear tell, on occasion, of the time somebody you knew went to a Chinese restaurant and had the best flavor of ice cream they'd ever had in their lives, one you'd never heard of. Green tea ice cream. With note of mint, and tea, and delicious sweetness, it was a mythical flavor combination beyond what anyone could imagine. And of course, any time you actually found a restaurant with it on the menu, it was, again, always sold out.

Thanks to Starbucks, as an adult I can drink green tea ice cream any day I want now.

Ain't the future grand?